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School & Camp Educational Talks & Skype Classroom Experiences

With over a decade of experience in creating Educational and Conservation “Edutainment,” to audiences young and old, Mermaid Linden provides the most unique and memorable way for children to learn about science, marine biology, ocean natural history and marine conservation. She delights in teaching kids how they can become the world’s youngest Ocean Ambassadors! Mermaid Linden has presented customized talks around the world at schools, youth groups, museums, fairs, festivals, aquariums, camps, trade shows and beyond. She can even appear remotely in your classroom or event via Skype, Zoom or FaceTime and deliver a message from the sea to your group! “Dry” appearances are easy and fun – no pool or tank is required!

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Mermaid Linden is a fully licensed and insured real-life mermaid, ready for worldwide travel as an aquatic mermaid entertainer, underwater stunt performer, and ocean educator. She is the top mermaid performer in Los Angeles and was titled the World's Best Professional Mermaid. Click Here to hire Mermaid Linden!