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I am a professional mermaid, freediver and children’s ocean educator who travels around the world diving with amazing creatures and sharing the magic through self-produced videos, educational talks and live performances in schools, aquariums, conventions and museums.

Real-Life Mermaid

Mermaid Linden is the pioneer of the exploding mermaid trend that shows no signs of slowing down. With over 50 Million video views, 90K YouTube subscribers and her own signature line of Mermaid Linden swim products for adults and children with Body Glove, Linden is arguably the most successful professional “entrepremermaid” in the world.

Featured alongside ocean legend Dr. Sylvia Earle in ELLE magazine, interviewed on ABC’s 20/20, Good Morning America, BuzzFeed, The Today Show, Discovery Shark Week, Inside Edition, NPR, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Huffington Post, Real Clear Life, Fast Company, Fortune, CNBC, Entertainment Weekly and The Undersea Journal to name a few, her story has compelled journalists from all over the world to cover her work in more than 30 languages and 80 countries.

Over the course of her self-created career as a professional mermaid since 2005, Linden has spent the better part of her life truly living ‘the life aquatic.’ This real-life mermaid has a passion for ocean “edutainment” is sharing the magic of our blue planet with anyone who crosses her path. Contagiously enthusiastic, Linden travels the globe in search of unique underwater habitats, unusual creatures and is addicted to the beauty and mystery of the big blue. Finding creative ways to share her love of the sea with others, she rarely swims with two legs.

She prefers the aid of her mermaid tail, which propels her through the water at remarkable speeds, or one of her signature monofins she designed for Body Glove. A skilled freediver, she can hold her breath for an astounding 5 minutes, and dive to over 115 feet down and back up on a single breath of air.

If you’re looking for a half-woman, half-fish, search no more! Linden has found herself surrounded by dozens of sharks at 50 feet down on a single breath – with no mask and no air tanks in the Bahamas, danced with manta rays at night in Hawaii, and been enveloped by millions of non-stinging golden jellyfish in Palau’s infamous Jellyfish Lake. She has dived with minke whales and mola mola fish in the pelagic open ocean, been dwarfed by aggregating whale sharks in the Caribbean and mingled with pods of dolphins and sea lions in the Sea of Cortez. She has been circled by 5 Great White Sharks while cage diving in Guadalupe….with a tail on, of course! All of these experiences are captured on film and video, which Linden shares in the form of mini-documentaries for children on her YouTube channel, in her Mermaid Minute series. She has done underwater modeling and pro in-water stunt doubling for films, TV and commercials and has appeared as a mermaid on TV, in feature films, and numerous commercials and music videos.   

Linden is on the board of directors of Reef Check Foundation, a non- profit which monitors the health of our world’s coral and rocky reef systems in an effort to conserve and protect them. A former PADI scuba diving model, she has completed over 800 dives in her globetrotting escapades of the aquatic persuasion, and has officiated countless freediving national and world records as a, AIDA International freediving judge. Linden has a Bachelor of Science in Film and Environmental Science from Emerson College and is a PADI Master SCUBA Diver with a 15-year background in ocean conservation and education through visual storytelling and live performance.

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Mermaid Linden is a fully licensed and insured real-life mermaid, ready for worldwide travel as an aquatic mermaid entertainer, underwater stunt performer, and ocean educator. She is the top mermaid performer in Los Angeles and was titled the World's Best Professional Mermaid. Click Here to hire Mermaid Linden!